LRC Net Worth Edition, Day 2: Why is net worth important?

LRC Net Worth Edition, Day 2: Why is net worth important?

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Day 1: HERE: What does net worth mean?


Week 1: A Wealthy Mindset

Today’s Easy Financial Task: Learn how net worth and your spending habits relate to financial freedom.

How to rock this task:

  • Find out how a positive net worth can have a HUGE impact on your life
  • Watch a video on how your spending habits impact your net worth and wealth


Welcome to Day 2 of the LRC: Net Worth Edition

Today we’re talking about why it all matters.

What impact does net worth have on your life?

While having a high income is great, earning a lot of money means nothing if you don’t manage it well.

It's having a high overall net worth that leads to financial freedom.

The idea of financial freedom is being able to do whatever you want to do without having money hold you back. Financial freedom can mean:

  • Retiring early
  • Travelling multiple times a year
  • Going out to eat without worrying that you’ll spend your very last dollar
  • Saving a sizeable college fund for your children


Some view financial freedom as a “pie in the sky.” Something that sounds great, but is unattainable.

I’m happy to let you that’s not the case!

You can make sacrifices right now to achieve financial freedom sooner than later.

To take this point home, I’m coming to you through video!

Take a moment to watch the video below. 

You'll learn:

  • How making sacrifices by curbing spending can lead to wealth
  • The difference between being able to pay for something and truly affording it
  • How increasing my net worth has helped me achieve financial freedom


Watch a Video: Paying for it vs. Affording it

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