Saving Made Easy With Qapital

Saving Made Easy With Qapital

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Do you have trouble saving? I’ve got a little somethin’, somethin’ to help you:

It’s called Qapital!

Qapital is a free app that automates your savings, but it’s also much more. Ready to jump in? Sign-up HERE.

Want to learn more? Keep reading....

With this app, you can set up special rules that will trigger an automatic transfer from your checking account to a free Qapital account. You can then use this account to stockpile savings. 

If you have trouble mustering up the willpower to save more money, this technology can give you the extra push shove you need.

FYI, did I mention that Qapital is free?
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Ways to Save With Qapital

This app is unique because you can choose from several ways to automate transfers. These options are called, rulesHere are a few of the rules you can set up:


1.Round-up your purchases. This is my favorite rule. Every time you buy something (with a checking account or credit card that's synced to Qapital), it will round up your purchase to the nearest dollar and transfer the difference into your savings account. Choose this rule to watch change add up into real dough.


2. Automate the 52-week challenge. Okay, there may be a tie for my favorite rule, ya’ll. This one’s pretty good, too. You’ve probably heard of the 52-week savings challenge. (If not, more on that here.) Well, putting money away each week to keep up with the challenge isn’t always easy to remember. Problem solved: Qapital will take care of the automatic transfers for you each week of the challenge. Woot, woot!


3. Save what you don't spend. If you spend less in an area of your budget than planned, Qapital can transfer the difference for you automatically. For example, if you budget $50 per week for gas and then spend just $45, Qapital will put that $5 into savings. 


4. Basic transfer rule. There's the tried-and-true automation method for saving as well. You can set up simple weekly and monthly transfers of an amount into savings.


5. Automate savings for self-employment taxes. If you run a business, you need to save money for taxes. Qapital can help you automate this, too.


6.Charge yourself for spending. This rule isn’t savings motivated, but still worth mentioning. You can set up a money transfer that occurs whenever you make a guilty purchase to deter you from overspending. Think of it as a tiny slap on the wrist (or mini-angel on your shoulder stopping you from swiping).



How Qapital Works

Savings transferred from your checking account will add to your Qapital account balance. Qapital is FDIC insured which means cash in the account is insured up to $250,000 by the government.

When you’re ready to withdraw money, you can do so at any time for free. Keep in mind, transferring money out of your Qapital account too often won’t allow your cash to accumulate.

You want that puppy to grow, grow and grow some more so set the rules and forget them.

The app is available for iPhone and Android and signing up takes just a few minutes.

Let’s talk about that next.



How to Sign Up for Qapital

We’re on to the fun part, how to get started.

I say fun because it’s so ridiculously easy to set up and save with Qapital.


1. Download the App

Click HEREIt’s 100% free to download and use.


2. Set Up Account Security

Qapital has a few layers of security including encryption, which is good news. You'll create a username and password, plus a four digit pin that'll be used to access your account. 


3. Create a Goal and Set Rules

After the sign-up steps, you link your checking account and create a savings goal. Then you choose from the rules we highlighted above to start saving. Here’s what the rules look like in the app:




4. Withdraw Cash

Withdrawing money from the account will take a few business days. Not a bad thing, because this can also deter you from dipping into your savings. 

Ready to get saving?! Awesome!

What sets this app apart is the multiple ways you can automate to your savings account. The options are almost endless.

Sign up here for Qapital  ->


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How I used Qapital...




I'm saving for an epic vacay in Thailand. My Qapital account rounds up to the nearest dollar every time I spend. The change goes into my Thailand account. Woot woot! Who wants to come? 🙂


Get your save on & get you some Qapital  ->


Live richer,



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Qapital passes my Lisa Rule. Yes, I am an affiliate of Qapital, and I earn a commission off of referrals, but I would not recommend a product or service that I didn’t believe was helpful and useful.

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