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  1. […] Yep. In less than two weeks your truly turns the big 3-0. I love this post written by my sis-star, Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche and vowed I would share it with my readers. Whether you are 30, over 30, or in your mid 20s, the […]

  2. […] budget well and have better financial goals: I joined the Live Richer Challenge with The Budgetnista. The challenge focused on Savings and to be honest I didn’t keep up with it as I should. What it […]

  3. Cheryl says:

    Hello Ms. Tiffany,
    I received an email stating that I was accepted into the Dream Catchers Group.
    But I don't know how to log into the group. I just finished session #8 today 2/5/2016. And I would love to find an accountability partner within the group.
    Please Help.
    Peace and Blessings
    Cheryl Denise Chandler

  4. Allison James says:

    Hi Tiffany, my goals are to pay off my student load and purchase a home by the end of 2016. #MMSweepstakes Allison James

  5. GPS says:

    My financial goal is to pay these thousands of dollars of student loans and pay my car off. Save for a house by the end of this year!! Yoo hoo!! #MMSweepstakes

  6. Nicole says:

    My goal is to pay off my credit cards #MMSweepstakes

    Thank you for the information you provide Tiffany

    Nicole Porter

  7. Mila Gulartr says:

    Hi Tiffany,my goal is to pay off my credit cards in full within 6mos. I'd like to pay my car off earlier than anticipated time. #MMS Sweepstakes Mila Gularte

  8. Candice Hodge says:

    Hi Tiffany, my goal is to be debt free with exception to our mortgage by the end of 2016. Candice Hodge #MMSweepstake

  9. Firsttimemommy says:

    One of my financial goals for this year is to have $1000 emergency fund in place by the end of the year. #MMSweepstakes

  10. Lisa Curry says:

    my goal is to raise my credit score and to buy a new home by learning from your tips on how to pay off my debt, saving money and have some passive income.
    #MMS SWEEPSTAKES. Lisa Curry

  11. Michele Rivera says:

    My goal is to be able to get my credit back n live my life comfortable not a struggle every day n to be able to help my daughter with college #MMSweepstakes

  12. C Simpson says:

    My goal is to save towards another home and pay off my car by the end of the summer.

  13. Kimberly Ali says:

    My goal is to get my credit score add on to my emergency fund which I am halfway there.....and to complete my change jar and my dime challenge. .....these,are my goals.....thanks to this group I am halfway there with all of my goals #MMS SWEEPSTAKES#...KIMBERLY ALI

  14. Rebecca Rose says:

    My goal is to continue to repair my credit, save money so that my grandson I'm raising will have something in case something happens to me. I want ne more credit worthy and feel confident i can take care of my grandson until he becomes of age. He and I have lost a lot through the years. He lost his mother and I lost my son ( not his father), but my oldest child. So I'm in a recovery state coming from having to homelessness to starting fresh. So investing in my grandson is my goal as well. #MMSweepstakes

  15. Niyah B Raniyah says:

    My financial goal is to pay down all of my cc debt by the end of 2016, and purchase my first home in 2017. Wish me luck! #MMSweepstakes

  16. Olivia RisingAbove Gipson says:

    My goal is to complete the 5000$ challenge, learn to manage finances, and become more conscious of my spending. Overall, come out of unnecessary debt and stay out! #MMSweepstakes

  17. Melinda Richardson says:

    My goal is to teach my girls how to save as I am learning to apply savings into our family life. #MMSweepstakes

  18. Janelle C. Nelson says:

    My goals are to be free of past debts, finally become a homeowner and continue to save! save! save! and pass the lessons I have learned onto my children! #MMSweepstakes

  19. Kimberly N. Jackson says:

    My financial goal is to be a debt free homeowner by the end of 2016!

  20. Samantha Baker says:

    My goal is to be debt free and start saving more money . #MMSweepstakes

  21. Juanita Reid says:

    One of my goals is, I declare financial freedom and i will be debt free by December 31,2016 #MMSweepstakes.

  22. Tammy Harmon says:

    My financial goal is to save money from my extra streams of income to buy a house. I also hope to inspire my children to handle their finances wisely. #MMSweepstakes

  23. Nitasha Walder says:

    My financial goal is debt freedom. Living below your means is a great way to start the process. I feel like a winner. #MMsweepstakes

    Nitasha walder

  24. Shawna norman says:

    My goal for 2016 is to pay off credit card and save for Raider football season tickets #MMSweepstakes

  25. Latrese says:

    I plan to payoff my student loan by the end of this year.


  26. Toshica Conyers says:

    I want to save $5000 in my personal savings by the end of the year and save $2000 for my business start up #MMSweepstakes

  27. Nikia Shelby says:

    My financial goal is to paid off my car note in 2016 and save for my son first year of college in 2017.#MM SWEEPSTAKES

  28. Carla Wells says:

    My Financial Goal is once I become employed again to set aside $100 each pay period and begin my emergency fund. That way I will never go through hard times like this again #MMSweepstakes

  29. Yolanda Brown. says:

    My Financial goal is to save 100 dollars a month #MMsweepstakes

  30. MsChar says:

    Hi Budgetnista, My financial goal is to repair my credit by making on-time payments and paying off $3400 in old/delinquent debt and saving $2000 by the end of the year #MMSweepstakes

  31. Shameka Ashley says:

    My financial goal is to start a emergency fund with the credit union. In this account I will start with small ($10 weekly)deposits til I'm able to contribute more. #MMSWEEPSTAKES

  32. Tashaba Morrison says:

    My financial goal is to pay off credit card and personal loan debt.

  33. April Zeigler says:

    My financial goal is to continue on the path of rebuilding my credit and to become more educated on what to do to maintain this lifestyle change so I want be put in this situation again. Also to save so I can become a homeowner. #MMSWEEPSTAKES

  34. Danielle Holland says:

    My financial goal is to be debt free by December 2016. So far I have paid off two credit cards. This will free up money for me to save more for my two boys.


  35. Renee says:

    My financial goals are to have an emergency fund by Dec 2016, pay off my car by 2019 and pay off my student loan by 2026. #mmsweepstakes

  36. Elnore Adams says:

    Following the advice given regarding rebuilding credit, my credit score move fro 600 to 700+ Woo! Hoo! heading for 800 thank you Budgetnista

  37. KimHasSpoken says:

    My financial goal is to have an emergency fund of $2,500 by December 2016 and, pay off my medical bill ($1,800) by December as well. #MMSweepstakes

  38. Sonya says:

    My financial goals: No longer be an ostrich when it comes to dealing with financial matters - to be debt free (all debt, student loans, irs, etc.), to buy my own home, to be in a position financially to give and help my family and others, and to live life free from financial worries, by January 2017. #MMSweepstakes

  39. Natalie Stewart says:

    My financial goals: to be debt free in five years, increase my income, start my retirement, savings, investing, homeowner, children's schooling...five year goal

  40. shic says:

    My financial goals are to be able to live. I'm upside down in every thing. I started my business this year and it has been hard as heck. So attempting to keep my business going I have fallen behind in every thing. I need this program.

  41. Kelly says:

    My financial goals is to pay off my student loan, both of them by January and to purchase a used car by June 2017. I love this goodie Wednesday, I totally forgot I had an Ebates account!

  42. MsTab says:

    I'm current on all of credit cards except one. However, the payment have become more than I can handle. The account has been closed. Should I begin sending something wait until I can send do better.

  43. Tanyika Rickard says:

    My financial goals are to save 20k in 2017, pay off all credit cards and purchase a house.

  44. Nikko Holt says:

    My financial goals are to have an emergency fund and a Disney fund for Summer 2018.

  45. Jhoni Davis says:

    My Goal is to have a steady and growing $5000 emergency fund by Feb. Educate myself and raise my Credit score to 750 by the end of the year. Make over 100,000 this year.

  46. Tysheka Cephas says:

    My financial goal is to lower my debt total to 5% of my income and have an 6 month emergency fund by 2018.

  47. Susan Murphy says:

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    Best Regards,
    Susan Murphy.

  48. Judith Williams says:

    My goal is to build back up my credit and keep it up. I want to purchase a house.

  49. Renata Stewart says:

    My financial goals are to pay off cc debt by 4/2019. Raise my credit score above my current 720 score. I will be retiring in 12 years and don't want the burden of debt.

  50. Evette Noel says:

    My goals are as follows: pay off loans, get cc debt to 50% or lower, payoff car , work on savings August2018

  51. Pamela Freeman says:

    Awesome first week. Savings account opened by Self Lender and saved 30 dollars on birthday coupon for Benihana.

  52. Vanessa Burns says:

    I have a question. Tiffany mentioned using a credit card to pay a bill (She used Netflix as an example) and use your bank account to pay the credit card bill in full each month. My question is when do you pay the credit card bill to avoid interest? Is it as soon as the bill comes or do you pay it before the bill is even generated?

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