Welcome to the Live Richer Challenge: Net Worth Edition

Welcome to the Live Richer Challenge: Net Worth Edition

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Net Worth Edition (1)

Welcome, welcome, welcome to another Live Richer Challenge!

Can you believe this is the 4th annual one?

This year, I’m bringing you a Challenge on building your net worth.

Get excited!

For the LRC veterans, welcome back!

For the new LRC ladies, I’m happy to have you!

Haven't signed up for the Net Worth Edition yet? What are you waiting for? Join over 400,000 Dream Catchers that have all participated in previous Challenges, here: www.LRCnetworth.com

How the Live Richer Challenge: Net Worth Edition works:

During this Challenge, we’re going to dig deep into everything you need to know about growing your net worth.

This Challenge format is organized in a way to teach you in bite-sized lessons with 22 days of easy financial tasks.

Each of the three weeks during the Challenge has a theme:

  • Week 1: A Wealthy Mindset
  • Week 2: Increasing Your Net Worth
  • Week 3: Maintaining Your Net Worth
  • Final Day: LIVE RICHER


You should plan to set aside at least 20 minutes per day to finish the easy financial task.

The sixth day of each week is a day for you to review and digest the material. If you miss tasks during the week, be sure to circle back and complete them on this day.

On the seventh day of each week, I’ll be coming to you through a video to review tasks and to answer questions.

Each day and week of the Challenge builds upon each other, so you’re going to want to complete tasks in order.


How to guarantee your success:

  • Join the LIVE RICHER Dream Catcher group: HERE
  • Choose an accountability partner. You can partner with friends, family, and coworkers to create your own mini-Dream Catcher group or you can find a partner in our Facebook Group. Join HERE.
  • Read through each task in the morning and commit to working on the task throughout the day.
  • Make sure to check in on the last day of the Challenge each week where I share a motivational video to help you review that week’s tasks.
  • Download the Challenge Starter Kit. This free resource contains awesome tools like the Challenge calendar and will help to keep you on track throughout the Challenge. 
  • Get your Starter Kit HERE.

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See you for the first day!

Want to work through the Live Richer Challenge: Net Worth Edition in a workbook? It's part of a bestselling series!

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